Massive Plays Of One Of My Tracks In Soundclod, Wtf?

I cheeked my soundcloud profile yesterday and I noticed something weird, some tracks, specially one, has been massively (for my standards : ) played in the last days. I dont know why, maybe somebody put it in a website, but I’m really curious. I suppose its a good thing, I hope haha

cool, that’s fun B)
too bad we need to get the 221 euro Pro account to track down where our tracks get embedded… <_<

What track is it?

Or what’s ur soundcloud-account?

The track is “El Mago de Oz”. I uploaded it 9 months ago, nearly 600 of the plays are from last week!

@Denim Yeah, that feature is cool! The secret link sharing sucks…

whehehe thats strange most tracks got between 50 and 100 plays and 3 tracks are 400+

maybe someone shared tracks to their groups on soundcloud they liked and the groups started playing like crazy :)

or maybe it’s one crazy dude on an lsd-bender playing your 3 tracks for a whole week non-stop… he just dont want to leave the trip :dribble:

hahaha, one of the 3 tracks is scary, I dont wanna to hear that on acid (last words of Hassan I…), I need 10 followers like him/she and i will be fine :D

no i’d say it sounds better when you have a head full of ketamine to play nasty eery things haha :panic:

acid is about love :wub:

I eeemmm, “a friend of mine” had a better experience with little doses of ketamine than with acid. I suppose it depends on personal psychology

sounds like a swell guy this “friend” of yours ^_^

I would bet you 1000 monies, it’s being played and linked by those guys who wear those crazy boots.

I’ve got the exact same thing with a track of mine on newgrounds. Most of my tracks are listened to 4 or 5k times and downloaded around 4 or 5 hundred times. Now one track (a reallly bad ‘techno’ track I made in the early stages of music making) got downloaded over 14.000 times… I really wonder what the hell happened there. It wasn’t some quick action but really spread out over the years (it’s still being downloaded around 10 times a day). Somewhere it’s painfull since it’s such a bad track :lol: