Massive Sync Mode Automation

Is there a way when I can automate the LFO rate in sync mode for NI Massive?? Doesn’t seem to work…

been a long time since i’ve tried massive but i remember it didn’t let you automate lfo speed if it’s synced. it’s an important dubstep feature, i know…

but apparently you can do it now with the updated versions.

check it out, he’s using MIDI CC to automate it. don’t know if they let you automate the vsti normally but you should be able to use a midi cc device :)

just confirmed it does work. you need to use midi learn in massive then in the midi control device give one of the sliders a cc number and move the slider.

Oh wow, I didn’t even know that it was possible now. I always use the LFO Device in Renoise and assign one of the 8 macro knobs to the function I wanted to wobble. Works exactly the same :)

Awesome, thank you!1 :yeah: