Massive VST: How To Apply Effects To Macro Controls?

Hi there!

I’m trying to get used to Massive (goddamn its nice) but there’s one thing I dont get;

If you load a preset sound, the macro knobs are all assigned to diffrent effects, (drive, vibrato, shape, etc) but when you want to make a sound of your own the macro knobs are unassigned.
The thing I dont get is, how can I assign these knobs to the effects?!
I cant find those effects anywhere and I dont know how to assign them to the macro knobs.

I hope somebody can help me out here because I watched the online tutorial for a few times now but they dont tell how its done either.

Thanks in advance!

already took a look inside the manual?

if you right click on a knob you can assign it to the macro’s by clicking on the “macro” text in the pop-up window and assigning a number…
it’s pretty straight-forward actually.

Ive been trying for hours and hours :(
All I can choose out of when I right click on a knob (like? wt_position on osc 1) the only options I have are: Midi Learn and Total reset to default.
When I rightclick on a macro knob all I can choose is: Midi Learn - Clear Macro and Swap Macro (#1 to 8)

So I think Im missing something here :(
Frustrating as hell.

That is very simple. You must just drag’n’drop small cross from macro control knob to small square that located at bottom of desired knob. Then you may set modulation amount by clicking at the square and moving mouse up or down.

For better understanding, read Massive manual, page 21, “Modulation Controls”.

Thanks man, I didnt realize the effect should come from the synth menu. (like fx 1 and so on)

Thanks. :)

You’re welcome! =)