Master BPM, LPB & TPL parameters do not record automation in track?

R3.2.4 Win10 x64


  1. Go to Master Track
  2. Terminal: print this:
    1. print( --> BPM
    2. print( --> LPB
    3. print( --> TPL

The problem:

The 3 parameters are automatable. They can automate in the automation editor. But they don’t work when automating on-track in the pattern editor. They cannot record the parameters: ZTxx, ZLxx, ZKxx (BPM, LPB, TPL)

Expected behavior

All three parameters should record the values (ZTxx, ZLxx, ZKxx) inside the selected track as well.

How exactly is this Renoise Lua API related?

When you select the Master track, the API can return 3 more parameters that are automatable: BPM (1), LPB (2) and TPL (3).

Here’s a screenshot of my LUA tool (floating window) and the Mst device from the Master track’s FX chain:

  1. It’s okay! When I move sliders (1),(2),(3) with switch (4) in On, it correctly records the values in the automation editor.
  2. Fail! When I move sliders (1),(2),(3) with switch (4) in Off, it doesn’t correctly register the values within the track, in the effects column. Does nothing. It should record the parameters ZTxx, ZLxx, and ZKxx respectively.

Maybe the problem is in this function record_value(value), which is the one I use to register:[].devices[].parameters[]:record_value(value)

I am using this function with the switch (5) on at all times:

I think my code is correct, because with the rest of the parameters, which are many, it works perfectly with the same function.

So there is some problem with the index parameters: 6, 7 & 8

Edit: It has not yet been added in R3.3.0.