Master Panorama Works On All Separate Outs

hello Dev’s,

i know that is in all Renoise versions since the old Greece, but i think it is very useless that the master panorama works on all outputs and if you have a soundcard with more than 2 outs.

For example if you allocate your single channels to different MONO outs (you need panorama) without the master out and the master out (because the metronom goes only on the master out) to one mono channel, you have a problem.
In general make it no sense, that all separate outs are depended on another out called Master. No pro software goes this way.

thank you



Yes, sooner or later we need either a master channel for each separate output, or some kind of mixer for it.

Would be fine with me to not apply the pan to the separated output channels, but the POST master level should be nevertheless applied, or?

Does someone care?