Master Track Allways Visible

Is there any chance to get such a thing?
I mean if you have lots of tracks on your patter, master track would allways stay visible when you scroll tracks horizontally.
Hope you get the point, Im not very good explaining things in english see…

Dont know what you mean.

yes he means that.

It was already suggested before, I think.

actually it would be nice if any track could be made “sticked”, because I could need that for drumtracks and similar.

or… like I suggested some time ago, possibly even a splitscreen.

thats the thing I had in mind, something like the normal patternview left and some sticked tracks on the right.

lock tracks/splitscreen sounds useful… especially for, as looza mentioned, drumtracks but also for melody or bass etc…
should be user defined… also, maybe a different backgroundcolour on locked tracks?

Would also be nice to somehow hide tracks. Especially good for master and send tracks. Then they wouldn’t have to take up precious screen space and you wouldn’t have to tab over them to get to the track you want. Not sure how this could be done though…

I´m not that much for a hide button, butt it does not matter.
You could have a hide/unhide button? Just like you can hide/ polygons in 3d programs.

This hide info should be saved with the song, just as the locked tracks.