Master track is a send track

This would be awesome in that one would no longer need to make an empty send track. See sometimes I want to effect a sound like this

track 1 send A send B  
----------- ---------- ----------  
send>A multitap cabsim  
distort send>B reverb  
reverb chorus gain  
send>B gain  

which works perfectly in Renoise. And sometimes I want to effect like this;

track 1   
send>Mst (or group even)  

where the sends of course have lower amount values

I agree, but I think this could be available for all tracks, including the possibility to select any track as an output of another track.

It would be like ditching the concept of send tracks alltogether, and make it possible to route the audio to whatever track you want. The master would then only be defined as the track having its output sent to the audio interface.

Some practical benefits of this would be: 1) “Sends” in groups would be available, 2) Makes it very easy to reroute things close to the master, for mastering purposes. I’d like to split my master signal into three bands without having to put a multiband send or normal send on every single track.

This wouldn’t confuse users, as the default behavior when adding tracks could be just like it is today.

Well, then why don’t you?


Thanks joule

anyway, I’ve just seen some instruction vid with Live, they have the same idea (as joule has) with midi tracks. Then add some proper scriptable MIDI effects (split parts of keyboard to different instruments and tracks, adjust to scale, chord, arp, …) and renoise will be the proest of the pro in sampler/sequencers, ever.

PS @ vV: wow, people are still using that effect select box? :D

Exactly. I usually keep “Mst” for the origin master track and just call the receiving send track “Pre-Master”. However, the name is subsidiary, the simple setup is exactly the same and actually quite logic.

Yes and we all know and agree that the workflow with having a premaster sucks big time. You might call it a work-around at best, because you have to remember to add a send device and route it to the right track everytime you add a regular, group, or send track, and on top of that it disables the usage of the big (post)faders in mixer view (or anywhere else). If the track routing dropdown at the bottom of tracks in the mixer would include send tracks and send devices could send to group tracks the device is in, every problem workflow-wise would be fixed imo. It’s so disco.