Master Track Output Selection

using kore asio headphone port i have to redirect to output 3,4 to get sounds, it’s pretty straighforward for example under live 5.2, just select output 3,4 on the master track.

with renoise i can’t find this option, i either have to assign the output of each track one by one or redirect them one by one to a S0 track that i then reroute to output 3,4 (phew)

does the option for the master track exists ? if not will it be implemented ?

Renoise NE will have the ability to send to specific ASIO outs in the master track as well.

renoise NE, that’s the next version ?

No, New England. That’s a where I live. The Next Edition of Renoise won’t be software, but a gigantic perpetual motion device made out the ruins of Hillgrove, which is here in New England. We’re hoping Renoise New England, being the Next Edition and all, will bring lots of employment opportunities to New England.

No way man. it’s the 2 letter abbreviation for renoise.nebraska which gets its name from a Native American (Oto) word meaning “flat water” and the state slogan being “Nebraska, possibilities…endless” also known as Renoise FWPE

hehehe :D

It’s of course Renoise Never Ending, the new Renoise edition, which release time is expected being at about year 4040.

The good news is that it will come bundled with Duke Nukem ForNever and will run on the all-powerful Sony Delaystation 3.