Master Volume Auto Gain - Make It More Obvious, Somehow

hey there,

well hard to explain.

I play a track3, others are muted, when i unmute another track(e.g.2), track 3 gets louder for a small time, then the volume goes down again. Dont know how to explain.

Therefore i uploaded the xrns and a sample how it sounds on my pc.

I can do a screenrecord of the problem as a video aswell on request.

€: ok i downloaded the file on my windows now, and the wav and the track are good. I gonna do a screenrecord later to show.

Master volume auto gaining is enabled in that song. See -> “Auto Gain”. It will lower the master volume automatically while playback, to avoid that the master signal is clipped.

This option is really easy to miss. Probably we should reset it when loading songs? Or completely trash it. It often seemed to cause more confusion than being helpful.

it is an useful option in order to find the optimal play volume, I wouldn’t trash it

somehow i cant reproduce it. I uploaded the Screenrecord and watched it with windows. No problems here. On ubuntu i hear it clearly.

I guess its some weird constellation with my audio-setup. Sorry for the trouble.

€: ofc dont remove autogain since its a great feature.

Please don’t trash it, it’s a very useful option to render exports for further processing/mastering in external applications.

Yes, keep this option.

Yes i find it a confusing option too, easy to miss when reloading songs. What about an auto gain device so one can deliberately drag it on the master if needed ?

Don’t trash it please. It’s my safety when using lot of external gear. I never dear to not have the auto gain enabled at all times. It has protected my ears and monitors from very nasty feedback and other distortion countless times.

Make it a preference then?

Preference? It’s already a preference, it’s either turned on or off. :P

You can save the default setting to your template song.

Don’t trash it, I find it extremely useful too.

Idea: Make it blink when it’s reducing volume!

Sorry, you are right. :blink:

That’s a good idea.