Mastering - Basic Freq'S For Beginners And Intermediate Users


i want to share this with you… usefull interactive help for instruments and mastering

This link ended up on my favorites link bar…

here is a frequency table i use sometimes


always had the plan to print it out, but never did :)

they’re really only rough guides tho… but good in what they are, definitely!
there are many…

note sure about this future-music guide. drum&bass snare starts at 600hz ? maybe i understand this one wrong and ofcause it depends on what kind of drum&bass you like to do but i know excacly where to tweek a drum&bass snare (atleast since some weeks), and the drum&bass bassdrum at 200hz is also somehow strange :)
how old is this MAP ?

will do some tests tomorrow with this one, thanks :)