Mastering Help

If anybody would give me notes on my song ill be sooo happy. i dont have any producer friends so i don’t know where else to get help.
Anything would be more than appreciated. Thanks!!

I tried making it some mix between spa music and gangsta, with as much bass as possible

Also, i’d love to return the favor so just send me a link and ill give it a good listen.

Heres the link:


I’m with my headset, but lets give a shot.

I don’t actually think that this particular piece needs that much of a “mastering” the dynamics are okay imo.

You can try these techniques out if you want:

When I’m “mastering” a song, I try to EQ the instruments so called “sweet spots”. You learn these by just simply doing it alot.

For pads and chords I boost the middle frequencies a bit and lower the bottom end a bit to give some space for the bass. Sometimes I might boost the high frequencies also if I feel like they need to be brighter.

For leads and some of the arps I tend to EQ down the lower frequencies and boost the higher ones until I’m satisfied enough.

For basses I obviously boost lower frequencies, and sometimes lower the mids if I feel like the bass is muddying the chords. Also it’s good idea to boost the treble a bit on the bass, it depends.

If you feel like your mix is muddy, you can try to cut everything below 30hz from every channel ( or the ones you feel that needs tidying ) or / and boosting frequencies at ~120000hz (again moderately), which is called as a “air band”. Also if you feel like your lead sound is covered underneath, you can try to lower 3000hz from chords / pads / bass, and boost the leads frequency at 3000hz. Works also with vocals sometimes.

Remember also mix the levels right so the song wont clip. Start the mix always without any limiters or compressors. If you definitely need a level increase to some instrument, that would otherwise begin to distort if you would “level it up” you can try adding a compressor.

You should probably also avoid using compressor if your not 100% sure what your doing, because you might easily harm the sound instead of making it better.

I’m not a professional myself, but this is usually how I do some of the things. The mastering is also a very unique on every project so there is no a perfect formula for mastering. For me mastering, and why not mixing is problem solving in the sound, like muddiness and unclearness.

Hope this helps :D/>

Edit: Actually the claps in the beginning could be a bit more wider / punchier. They are a bit flat atm. You could probably try adding a saturator, and widening it with a stereo widener -tool or just layering more claps and Pan them. You could also try to add maximizer at end of those, brickwalling the clap and boosting a bit.

This still sounds like mixing…

This sounds more like mastering…