Mastering Inside Or Outside Renoise

Mastering processing can be added to the mastertrack in renoise, and it sounds great and the modern computers can handle the cpu load. but when adding masterdithering to 16 bit, is that audioquality deduces in any way by the renderer function?

My master dspchain ends with a 16 bit dithered sound, that I would like not to be changed in any way by the renoise 16 bit renderer, so the 16 bit rendered should not dither the master (which I dont know if it does).

I have previously used the 32 bit floating point renderer, and then imported the 32bitwave file into a waveeditor and adding the mastering there - but it is much easier to do both mixing and mastering inside renoise, instead of using additional programs.

I just would like to know if the soundquality is just as good, if I add the exact same mastering inside renoise (and rendered by renoise to 16 bit), or if I do the exact same mastering outside renoise (on a 32bit rendered wavfile from renoise)

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You are not really talking about proper mastering here, but that is a different discussion :)

If you are not satisfied with the dither in Renoise it isnt actually a mega hassle to export and load into Sound Forge is it? Takes about 2 seconds once it is rendered.

It is still silly to export a 32bit wave file and then master it in another program to a 16 bit wave file, if it can be avoided. Anyway my posting was a question about whether renoise uses dithering when saving a 16bit file, because if it does, then I will stop mastering in renoise.

Please explain (in short), what you mean by saying: “You are not really talking about proper mastering here…” ?

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hm, isn’t there an option for enabling/disabling dithering in Renoise?

Have a look at the works of Bob Katz for an indepth answer to your question. He puts it better that I ever could!

(you can disable dither in renoise in the options by the way)

if you want to test it yourself then take both end results and compare them in a wav editor. if you do a ‘phase reverse mix’ with both files you should get a void (if they are identical you end up with nothing to play)