Mastering On Linux ?

Hi all !

I’m not sure that this is the right place to post my question, but i think this is the most appropriate.

So : I’m going to buy some monitors and then i’ll be ready to mix/master my tracks !

As I’m going to sell my house and one of my lung in order to get these monitors, i won’t have any money left to buy protools or something like that.

That’s why I wanted to know if there is a free way to mix/master on linux : i’m looking for a good (if possible) software wich could allow me to mix and master exported tracks from Renoise.

And another question : a guy told me that it’s better to get Ubuntu and to install on it all the sound soft that you want to use instead of getting Jack (because Jack would be less stable than Ubuntu).

What do you think about it ?

Thanks guys


JAMin ( is a nice tool to do mastering work. But it hasn’t got any tracks, you just route your sound through the tool using JACK.
You may also use some dssi plugins in renoise itself for mastering the single tracks.

I think, you are confusing some things here. Ubuntu is a linux distribution, Jack is an audio server. That said, you could install Ubuntu Studio, which comes with a RealTime Kernel (for low latency) and Jack preinstalled.


Ow, i thought that JACK was a Linux distribution too…

You mean that in JAMin you can just master the whole song ?

You may also route different tracks through different instances of JAMin at the same time… that’s the beauty of the JACK audio server. :)

need to make sure you have a decent sound card to hook into the monitors.
but Most Importantly that it has a Good driver in linux for it.
you can look it up here:

i assume you will be new to linux, so you should find a help full Group or Guru.
to help you with all your questions that internet forums may not or will not answer because of the sometimes simplicity of the given solution.

linux user groups meet all over the world:

You can use Ardour if you are looking for a ProTools-like environment.