Mastering Problems

Hey All,
I can’t seem to get my tracks to master well. It just sounds to me like something is wrong. I thought You guys might have some tips for me. I uploaded a track to sound cloud, it’s here for your scrutiny. Thanks!

In my opinion you should get back to your mix and work on Bass track which eats your headroom. Snare seems to be too quiet.

I would say this is a mixing/tracking issue rather than a mastering one…

From here it sounds like you might have a problem with your listening environment. Theres a ton of energy right down at the bottom end, very little in the middle and a very conservative top end when compared with the bass freqs.

My suggestion would be to have a look at some of your favorite tracks (or at least tracks that sound good to you) by other artists, check them out on a spectrum analyser and compare that with the track you are trying to mix/master. Take note of the areas where the comparison track has more or less energy.

Cheers and good luck!

Thanks for the advice guys! I’m gonna take some time tomorrow and do some spectrum snooping then adjust my mix accordingly. Stay tuned!