Mastering Tips

So I’m going round to my mates mini studio in a few days to have a bash at mastering my tune .
Wondered if anyone on here could give it a listen and give me a few pointers on what needs work.


i liked the overall mood of the tune already ! very cinematic sounding.

mixing/mastering is very personal… but here’s what i would do:

  • lower the hihat volume’s , maybe cut the highs too
  • eq low cut (around 35)
  • eq boost the kick
  • eq make the snare’s snappy
  • eq drop around 200
  • eq drop around 500
  • did i mention some more eq-ing ?

some panning movement would be nice, bit of reverb here and there

Use the search function on forum to find posts on mastering, there’s a lot of good info on these boards. And on the web too.

also next time put this stuff in the song forum

Yeah I’ve read a lot of stuff on line , just interested to hear a pros take on it .

Does it really matter???

Your post is song specific, not a general disscussion. I thought you would be handling out mastering tips… so yes, I guess it matters.

I agree with pilot7 about the mastering.

on a slightly different note…

i was just thinking that mastering and use of grammer are analogous…

does anyone feel where this analogy comes from?

if what you gotta say is important, your grammer does not change the significance of what you want to say; however if your grammer makes you unable to communicate it becomes a problem;; if it does not constrain you, your listener will look over certain problems…

yeah i know , but come on its only a forum and where ever I put it its going to get read .

who cares…

This is the whole life experience for some people dude. They get upset easily.

they will get read and get the proper attention in due time.

do you want people to start submitting the bug reports here as well? or maybe titles like “Jay-Zs new song” up in the general discussion? its just not appropriate.

also why should your song get attention while others have properly posted in the song forum?

stop being selfish and impatient.

Told you.

I really wasn’t sure where to put it , now i know i won’t make the same mistake twice !

im sure you’re very chill about everything and have a much bigger social circle than all these forum members do.

also i live in a 2 by 2 cubicle and have not had human contact / sunlight for the past two years.

Move this to the song forum!



Untwist your knickers young man, and get with the banter! :D