Mastering Tutorial Needs Your Input

I’ve uploaded a draft version here:…o_mastering.txt

Some sections are still incomplete, but I’m open to suggestions or any criticism as to how I can improve what’s already there. Any additional points that might be worth mentioning too?

Sorry about the word wrap problem - didn’t realise this 'til after I’d taken the file to where I could upload it from. Just open it in Notepad and select Word Wrap from the Format menu.

Sure, I’m sure we can come to an arrangement in mastering a whole album. I haven’t finalised any decisions on pricing plans yet, but as soon as I move into a new place in the coming weeks and get a connection installed, I can get things underway and see how they go.

For an entire album, though, you’d be looking perhaps around 350-400 USD.

I’ll try to remember to pass you on a link of Benefit of the Boomerang’s album once it’s done (provided it will be freely distributable online). It’s an entire album of his and should give you the sort of indication of what I’m capable of at this stage, even though the quality of your mixes is still going to have a big influence on the final mastering quality of course.

And I work as close to the producer as possible. If something isn’t right in the mix, I’ll let you know and make any suggested changes. I’ll also send you mastered previews to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the results before payment is made and I send you the final wave file.

Er, please don’t mix up “mixdown” and “mastering”… two completely different things. “Professional” producers usually do their mixdown themselves but let a mastering engineer do the mastering, but of course this varies, some do everything themselves and then you have the people that have a seperate engineer for each specific function. Mixdown = mixing down tracks, applying EQ and compression etc. Mastering = multiband compression, limiting, etc over the final mixdown usually adapted to fit the final media (vinyl, CD, etc).

Hmm, was that directed at me? I know very well what the difference between mixing and mastering is, although I probably said something ambigious in my post?

Anyway, dj io, perhaps make that more like $300 USD. As I said, I haven’t finalised any pricings yet and I’m sure we can come to an agreement when the time comes. :)

I think it’s not quite fair to use Renoise community forum to advertise your mastering services…

But create a free tutorial can be useful for somebody indeed.