Mastering VSTi's and Programs.

(beatrepublic) #1

I’ve got a couple songs finished that would sound alot better with a little bit of mastering. Problem is that I have no idea which programs are usefull. There’s a studio near by that charged 100$CAN a hour, but that is a little rich for my blood right now. So if anyone could point out some usefull programs that would be appreciated.

(Foreign Presence) #2

The two main products that spring to mind are Izotope’s Ozone plugin and T-Racks. Ozone is a Direct X plugin while T-Racks is a standalone program. I have some experience with Ozone and can say that it really does improve your sound greatly. You still need a lot of experience to do the same job as the studio down the street but even with the presets that come with the program you can make your song sound a lot brighter and louder:…ne/directx.html