Masterkeyboard Madness

I have an Idea about handling masterkeyboards/hardware controllers.
It should be great to assign an controller to a certain VSTi or sample instead of having them play just only the selected one like now.

I asked for this before and there was a masterkeyboard added,
but this does not change a lot.

So here is my solution:
The masterkeyboard that there is now should stay (very handy when composing with just one keyboard in front of you controlling all other devices VSTi’s and samples)

now the dropdown menu in the instrument screen the midi in ports of your computer should be selectable like this:

now it’s possible to assign the midi messages trough a certain port to a certain instrument slot.

In combination with the midi mapper, you will have ultimate freedom in how to use your midi hardware.

Tell me what you think…

Yes! I’d love this!