Matching Samples To Song Bpm?

First of all, I want to say that I am new to Renoise (and Trackers in general), but I LOVE the format. Trackers rule. I am a guitarist who got sick of guitars and started dabling with electronic music. A friend gave me a cracked copy of Ableton Live, which I liked, but didn’t get into right away. I found Famitracker a few months ago and relly liked making 8bit stuff. One day I was talking to the friend who gave me Ableton, and said that I wished there was a “non-8bit” tracker. He told me that a Junglist he admires (Illicit) uses Renoise and nothing else. I downloaded the demo and fell in love. Now 4 weeks later I am a registered user. I mean for 80 lousy bucks, how could I not buy it?

So I have scanned the forums and not found an answer to this, so here it is… Say I am making a song that is 180bpm and I have a drum loop that I want to use which is at 140bpm. In Ableton, there is the handy warp feature or you can time stretch the waveform until it fits in the measure. I know I can transpose a sample in the sample editor in Renoise, but how do I tell when it is stretched precisely the right amount since I can’t see its start and finish in relation to the song/measure.

Was that clear? I am not sure if that is the best way to word my question? Anyone know what I’m saying?

Thanks in advance.

R=V/I (pronounced Resistance)

Thanks Jenoki! I really appreciate the help. I know I could have probably found that one in the manual if I wasn’t so lazy. This is one of the reasons I bought Renoise. The online community is very welcoming, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, etc.

Wow. F**K Ableton!

Not being able to precisely sync samples was my only real gripe with Renoise. Now I have to say it is damn near perfect. I can not believe this program is so powerful and yet costs so little. I thought it was well worth the cost when I bought it, but the more I use it the better it gets. Now they dropped the 2.7 beta and I am just in awe. Amazing work dev team. You guys are the absolute shizz. If you were food, you’d be straight up bacon.


You should also get the timestretch and pitchshift tools from the tools forum. Then you can stretch beats without changing pitch etc…

Time-Stretch / Pitch Bend Tool:

I recommend to experiment a bit to get the best results. In case of drum loops I find it’s often best to use the pitch shift function rather than to time stretch it. It seems to preserve the dynamics and the transients somewhat better.

I just got on board the Renoise train a little while ago, and all I can say is, where has it been all my life? I come from a tracker background and I could never really get into producing as much as I did with trackers. Not with Cubase, not with Reason, not with Ableton. Nothing. Now I gave Renoise a try and it’s damn near perfect. I can still use Reason and all my refills that I bought if I rewire to Renoise, easy as pie. I can send automation data from Renoise to Reason and use Renoises lovely pattern automation functions. It’s brilliant. Loving it. And what you said, it’s so damn cheap, it’s a crime.

is it compatible with Renoise 2.7?

do it manually:

C-400 – 0900
C-400 – 0901
C-400 – 0902
C-400 – 0903
C-400 – 09FD
C-400 – 09FE
C-400 – 09FF

(instead of typing the 09xx commands, type 0900 on the first line, 09FF on the last line, select that effect column from first to last line, press Ctrl+i (windows), or right-click > Selection > Interpolate)

result won’t be as nice, but at least now you know a new trick.