Math Problem?!

Taken from this thread

I haven’t logged in that many hours because, as a 29 year old, i don’t have huge ammounts of time to do what I love. But I will be pissed off beyond words once I encounter this window.

Why implement this?!

To make people register, I suppose… I’ve hardly used the unregistered version myself… Tho, maybe this SHOULD be toned down a little for the beta versions on mac, at least? Since it’s still beta and mac users may still be hestitant to register it at this point.

Ahhh, well I’m registered… so I’ll probably never see it.

If it’s a register message i still think it’s a little much considering FT2 didn’t have any and “the scene” has never seen such a nag, but i’d probably have to see it it before making a judgment. Hopefully it’s tasteful and only presented at start up, not popping up all over the place like the thread had me believe.

When i used 1.281 demo version i also used to get those messages… Only to me it said that i was using renoise for 500 etc hours (and it was indeed true :D )

Now i’m of course registered… :rolleyes:

But for the math problem, the biggest number where almost always the right answer :)

There is a truth in your statement, but remember that other Shareware products use even more bad stuff that just removing 2 features and a Nag-Screen.

The Rebirth-Demo does not allow file-saving at all, other programs annoy you with Nags every two minutes. There are VST-Plugins that produce beep-sounds unless you register.

At least, you can create and save your tracks. If you do not use VST-Plugins, you even can send your music to friends. I think that Renoise offers more than usual shareware.

Did I already say, that I simply LOVE this program. Great work!

I’m unregistered, and I get the nag box maybe every 5 minutes or so. It doesn’t bother me that much… I personally don’t think it’s a bad idea. Definitely a lot better than having a voice say “please register” every minute like some plugins have.

me thinks the math should get harder with increasing time… so with time you either become a reged user or a math prof ;)

Why see it as a disadvantage?
Renoise is not only good for your musician skills, a great career and a lot of women… It’s also good for your math skills! If you renoise use the unregistered long enough you could become an math professor at an university! (could come in handy when your music skills, or the lack of it, doesn’t provide enough to have a live)

Then it’s settled… the registered version should include harder math problems.


A Professional Music Tracker with VST that improves your Calculus grades.

Renoise, an advanced Audio and Midi Sequencer

mimimum system requirements:

  • Pentium III or compatible cpu
  • 256 MB Ram
  • Windows 95
  • Direct X 8
  • Matlab