matrix 2

so I went into the movie yesterday with my girl, we were both heavy drunk already and did not expect too much but …

I think it rocks.

there is this very boring first half hour with all this speech- and bare-naked-ladies-dancing stuff, and I did really hate that christian-bible-shit (“he is the one”, “you are my father”, “the free world of zion” blablabla), but most of the rest is sooooo cool.

agent smith rocks ! damn, I like the way he talks to neo the first time they see each other again, he is truly a psycho. the scene where neo flies away and leaves all those 30 agent smith’s is funny as hell. “darn where did he go. ?” “dunno. lets go have a beer, buddies !”

the martial-arts scenes are boring aslong as they feature hand-to-hand combat, but the rest of the fighting is dope. the twins are baaadass.

and thank god, after the first boring half hour the rollercoaster ride starts, not too much bullshit talking-scenes, just fast paced action.
and the sudden plot change with the creator of the matrix … great.

As I said, I did expect nothing and was prepared to be utterly disappointed, but I really enjoyed it and cant wait for the 3rd one.

go there now ! (have a beer before, or a joint, though. :D )

I also expected nothing much of the movie, and I wasn’t too disappointed… I really enjoyed the fighting scenes, although they seemed a bit too long ( in my opinion).
Agent Smith definitely rocks! I would really like to see him fight against Yoda… would be interesting ;)
But after all Matrix2 was the kind of movie that made me think for about 45 minutes, after that the “feeling” was gone…

I actually saw Matrix fans fighting ( and I mean FIGHTING!) in chatrooms about which of their Matrix-plot-theories is right… :lol:

If you haven’t seen the Matrix Reloaded, please do not read this if you want to keep some of the… ahem…excitement?

I guess what I’m about to say will piss some people off, but here I go.

The Matrix Reloaded was a bad copy of the first one. Damn, I mean, do you remember in the first one, when Mr Smith and Neo stood down by the subway, and papers flew by, and they stood there, ready to pull their guns? You remember that athmospheric sound of two stick rattling? Made it real ol-skool western eh? Well, it must’ve been a huge success cuz they used the exact same technique, what, 15 minutes into Matrix Reloaded? Haven’t we seen this all before? I mean, just because the technique was good in the FIRST one, doesn’t mean they have to repeat it. Well, sure, if they use it with care, but here’s Neo fighting 3 agents, suddenly they’re gone, Neo looks around (wow, exciting, where did they go?) and then the rattling sticks.

Second of all, I know there are some people who thought that the Sleeping Beauty thing in the first one was cute… Me, I thought it ruined the whole movie. Even worse, the Reloaded was SO predictable, I told my friends I was seeing the movie with, already when Trinity started fighting an agent, that “If she dies, and Neo kisses her to wake her up, and she does, I’m out of here”. And what happened?
“You can’t be dead beacause… Uh… I love you too much.” And he kisses her while giving her, what, an heart-massage? And she wakes up.

I stood up at this point wanting to leave, but my friends pulled me back down.

Third of all, oh yeah, Neo can wake people up from the dead, and he can even stop giant machines in the real world from attacking Zion, but waking up from a coma? whoa, big problem!

PS: Can’t wait to see if Neo wakes up from that “coma”. Wow, have to see the third movie to check that out… NOT.

Do you really think he stopped the machines in the “real world” ? (besides that it is only a movie :) )

hey dufey, I am a huge fan of humourous “self-citing”, which means taking old scenes and showing them again with rolling eyes … makes me pat my knees in laughter. I really mean that. its fun, not serious. :D

one line from a review i read sums it up for me (though you may find it a little abstract):

“watching neo fight a hundred digital copies of agent smith is about as interesting as watching neo fight a hundred digital copies of agent smith.”


In my opinion The Matrix Reloaded is an ace film! There were only 2 things that i was particularly keen on…

  1. The REALLY long speech by Morpheos
  2. The fact that it turned into a porn movie for a few mins

Other than that, i think the film ROCKED!! As for Dufeys opinion of the movie…i wont even go there…

:P :D

LOL :lol: :lol:

I agree to a 100%

I went there expecting to be dissapointed but I was not.

Story wise it was not that good but what saved the movie was the FX, the fighting and the cutting…

I really do think they have done some of the best FX I have ever seen and the fighting is extremly well done and very innovative…

When you know that each single move have been carefully designed and planned, like in a world class ballet I cannot help but become impressed and fashinated…

I think only the fighting and FX alone was worth watching…It was a piece of great work of art, and I allways enjoy that…

I didn’t like “Matrix reloaded”. The first episode was great, there is no comparison… “Matrix” is a movie with an intrguing plot, some (good) philosophical dialogue, and awesome visual fx-----------

“Matrix reloaded” seems only a visual fx’s"super-demostration": something to show the skills of the developers and the power of money (referred to the budget…). Nothing more than a good action movie…

:drummer: see you :drummer:

what about that speech of the creator of the matrix ? I was totally stunned by it, but alot of people thought it sucks, just because they didnt listen to it at all (the guy speaks rather fast). you miss alot if you dont get this one, because it makes the 1st episode shine in a whole new light.

I tend to look at a scene not where the action is but in the background. Just watch the other agents in the back, they are fighting (punching air) but they are not even close to Neo. Pretty funny…

Has anyone seen Animatrix? Or played the game?
So far I just wathed the first episode of Animatrix but that one is very cool…

animatrix is partly great, partly not so great. I was rather disappointed by the story the creators of cowboy bebop came up with (its that black and white detective-thing). also I didnt like those cgi-episodes too much.
but the second renaissance part one and two and this one with the glitch in the matrix (done by the same people who did Serial Lain Experiments) were frigging great.

the game sucks imho. But I have seen only the first part, after 30 minutes of playing I got bored.

I haven’t seen Reloaded yet… but I managed to see the Animatrix… and loved it. Here you can read my impressions on the episodes.
Don’t worry, I will not spoil… :)

The story Looza speaks about is one of the stories that does not “ends in a good way” like many others in the Animatrix…
I’ve found it pretty peculiar and… well… it manages to create that “noir” feeling you can expect from great investigation classics since the first line “A case to end all cases”… not to mention that in this episode there is this very original research on the environment… where all the objects are designed mixing high technology to “vintage” design…

As for the rest, the whole collection is like an overview on all the stories that did not lasted enough to make an entire movie out of em… or something on this kind, peoplw who does not “wake up” or people who find themselves on the edge of some great change and they step back or hesitate…

The two episodes of Second Reinassance can be seen as the part of old story we still miss in the movie… like the first robot who “revolted against their creators”… these episodes are wrote in a pretty tricky way… as they turn people’s expectances “upside down” with this very wise change in focus where one is not sure anymore about WHO is the “bad guy” of the situation… this results in a very spectacular feeling of “Divine distance from the events” because the audience at that point doesn’t want to “join” (or condamn) any of the two sides (man-machine). Pretty hardcore. Absolutely delightin graphics…

Final flight of the osiris has truly spectacular 3d graphic like you used to enjoy in Final Fantasy (the movie) while the story is quite simple and not too deep in terms of meanings… it’s just an heroic effort to save Zion, it lasted few minutes, it managed to save Zion, it left no survivors, the end. I guess the meaning is that sometimes you have to sacrifice something for a greater cause… exactly like the director of this episode did.
:P :lol:

Matriculated is another “bad ending” that opens quite a long list of questions. I have never appreciated too much the design of Eon Flux… so I didn’t really appreciate it here neither… but the 3d scenes are amazingly suggestive. The story is about mankind trying to influence machines with virtual reality, reversing the process of what the matrix has done to mankind… and somehow better focusing about the way this kind of suggestions can influence one mind.

Program is an excellent example of what Phazze tried to discuss with that poll… it deals with the heavily critic point of being willing to forget reality because it does not looks and feels as good as the social illusions… I didn’t really liked ALL the anime-like drawings… but still the episode it’s very powerfull and epic…

Beyond is one of my favourites… in some way it deals with the amazement of finding out that most of the cultural rules we had to believe in are indeed just “false” suggestions. It speaks about a girl looking for his cat (that might well stand for the “instinctual” part of ourselves) and ends up in a “bug” zone of the matrix… where rules simply doesn’t apply. In the matrix they call it “hunted house” and that makes perfectly sense.
An experience that reminds me about the therapeutical attempt at using psychoactive substances in psychology… not to mention the excellent design of the whole episode…

World Record has a peculiar drawing style I did not like too much… while the story is impressive though is not too complex…
It’s about strong will… and deals somehow with the concept that “one thing is knowing the path, one other thing is walking the path”.
Normally one would think that the there can be a situation like “I know the path… but I can’t walk it”… or “I have to know the path before walking it” while in this peculiar episode the point is, again, upside-down because it’s the story of someone who has so much will that he manages to “walk the path without knowing what path is it”…
… powerfull!

Kid’s Story it was placed in the end for a reason I can well understand: like telling someone that his last hopes have a reason to be.
I don’t like the drawings at all and the story is pretty short and simple but still it has some kind of good impact.
One who lives outside of social suggestions might well feel like being alone… because he doesn’t really know who else is out of that “matrix”… so the kid asks “Am I alone?”.
The entire episode, all in all, is about that certain moment when a potential “Neo” has intuition of the existence of the matrix but can’t explain it to himself. The kind of life he does it will be seen by the rest of the people as something weird… pretty psycho… as he will still take part to the social context but stop “believing” in it…

its definately nice, but if you have seen the originial cowboy bebop series (its running on MTV at the moment I think (got no tv-set)) you know what those guys are capable of, and because of that I had a big “and thats it ?” feeling after watching that episode.

Parsec, very nice post, nice reading :)

Well I must say that they make the matrix universe much more intresting.

I would probably much rather live in a nice dream if it seem just like real, (they don´t have to bother with getting food or paying the rent :)) than in the nightmare that those who wakes up come to face.
Maybe it would become boring, but I´m not shure…But I would probably be one of those that wakes up, because of my questioning and filosofical nature

One thing that they seem to have forgot is what happens to those who don´t wake up? Do they never get to see zion?

Or have they awakened every one? But how do the robots get their energy then?

@ Looza

Yes, I see what you mean… it’s probably because of what you were expecting about that episode? I haven’t seen CB but I know it exists… but still i don’t have such a clear point of view on their style… so I guess I really wasn’t expecting anything when I saw the Animatrix: the episode in itself didn’t disappointed me… not for the drawings at least… I found the timings to be slightly “Slow” but for the rest I appreciated the whole episode in its suggestive “noir” atmosphere…


Thanks :lol:

eheh… this is part of “World Record”, the spoken introduction…

Other than being able to “Walk the path” one must be “willing” to do it. Are you willing to “wake up”?
You claimed:

and this is not exactly a good point to start from if you’re intended to wake up. I would not really define such a thought like “made by someone who has a questioning nature”.
In other words, if you tend to accept a nice illusion instead of being willing to find out what’s true, it will be very unlikely that you come to “question” your own life, what you have been thaught, your own culture… making it very hard for you to “wake up from it”.

As for your questions… I think we must wait the last movie before knowing what happens to all the people held in Matrix…


and its good that this part is already finished and we dont have to wait another 3 years to see it. fall this year ! I am so excited. Oh, and then also Lord of the Rings 3 comes … and when will the next star wars take place ?

alternative ending to Matrix3:

neo wakes up at his keyboard with a bad-ass hang-over realising… just
as his boss calls firing him (again?)for not turning up for work… binary out…

what is real, dream or illusion?
is there a truth and a reality?
can it be stated as a fact or just what one perceives?
is the world with robots, zion and the lot reality or just an extension of the Matrix? All the people in zion, are they really outside the matrix or have they been given an alternative illusion because they don’t function properly?

is the creator of the matrix really the creator or just a creation of it?
are the rogue programs, like the oracle and agent smith, creating a different reality or just enhancing the illusion?
is agent smith and neo transcending? turning illusion into reality and reality into illusion and in the process fusing these together and opening up a passage btw the worlds for others to follow?