+matrix, Apply Effects To Only The Center Or...

Hello, Ive just downloaded +matrix from www.soundhack.com…+Matrix is a plugin that can be used when you want to apply effects to only the center or the sides of a stereo mix.(I guess this would be good for marstering) This all sounds very nice, but how the hell do one use it, Ive read that you have to use send´s/aux/bus to get the system working, I treid a little in Renoise but I dont have a clue to what to do, can anyone help me an tell how to use this or point me to a tutorial or something a dummy would understand. I know this has very little to do with renoise, and maybe renoise already have a feature like this,…anyway Ive got a lot of help from this forum so I thought Id give it a go.


Jubiiii…I got It working in Audio Mulch…I will send you a “autoload” with the set up if you pm. me…This is great fun, just take an old country tune, remove alle the mono information, an prosess the stereo information, now it sounds like space cartoon backround noise,