Maudio Fasttrack Pro

one of my mates is selling one at £85, i record a lot of live guitar and stuff and currently my only method of connecting a microphone to my computer is using an xlr-jack adapter and putting it through my PodXT on bypass mode- this isnt ideal…

does anyone have any experience with this particular unit or any relevant knowledge that would help me make up my mind?


I currently have a an M-Audio Delta 2496 that worked just fine on XP for a few years but it causes Vista to bluescreen. I’ve read that others have had similar problems with other M-audio interfaces so if you’re using Vista you may want to be wary because I don’t think their drivers are up to par yet.

I own one and it runs without any problems on XP and on Linux. I mainly record vocals, but I also record from time to time guitar and bass. Works perfectly for me.

robotich: how is your setup in linux? I can’t for the life of me get it to record without the signal being horribly distorted.

Other than that I’ve had no problems with it, neither has the guy I play with.