Maximizer Questions


I just (accidently) tried the Maximizer as a master compressor/poor-mans-mastering, and it seems to work great, better than I (being stupid, I admit) can make the other comressors sound. Is simply raises the volume without pumping.

  1. Is this (Maximizer on master) what others are doing in renoise to “master” their work?

  2. I’m writing tracks of a soon to be released CD, and only half the tracks are done in renoise. I’d like to have something similar on the other tracks to get a unified sound. So I’d like to know a little more about what the Maximizer is, my guess is a compressor (!), but with what settings underneath? What plugin(s) (LADSPA) should I look at to achieve a similar thing in “the other DAW”?

Well, Maximizer is rather Hard Limiter than Compressor… Anyway, that’s what I think maximizer is.

I’m using the maximizer a lot to further “de-shape” my sound. Usually right after limiting AND compressing something, often to do as the name suggests (fix the volume, pumping it UP), but it can work great to make stuff PUMP which IS what I LOVE. :)

It’s destroying dynamics like raining a-bombs, but sometimes it’s well worth sacrificing just that for the stomp it can provide on beats, for example… gawddayumn!