Maximizing The Automation Editor?

is there any way to maximize or detach the automation editor?

it’s extremely tiny, and I’m not really comfortable with that - it’s too … fidgety … ? :)

I think atm you’ll just have to deal with it :) , upgrading the automation editor is on the ‘to do list’ from the devs if I remember previous threads about this correctly. Imo it really deserves its own page like the sample or instr. editor as it is becoming more and more important for me musically to experiment with the automation of different vst(i) parameters.

ive been thinking about multiple parameters too.

you guys ever seen the animation view in blender?

i guess the main problem would be plugins with a 1000 parameters.
unless viewing only ‘used’ parameters could be possible?

Yep, I agree completely. I had some problems with it the other day too. I wanted to zoom it horizontally to get in close to the action…

A page of its own (or at least the option to have it on its own page) would be ace

Haha. Yep, I mean vertically. (oops!)