Maximum Number Of Assignable Midi Controllers

I’m finding myself getting a little confused with regards to MIDI mapping parameters. At the moment, I have over 24 controllers assigned to different aspects of a tune I’m working on, and (although I’m not certain), I think some are dissappearing as I create new mappings.
Are there certain limits on the number of controllers you can assign to a song? And/or is there a limit on individual tracks/instruments?

maybe related to this bug (fixed for forthcoming RC3)

Thanks for replying It-Alien. I was aware of this bug, and so knew to avoid moving any mapped devices/vsts. I think my problem was down to having too many controllers, and moving already assigned ones whilst trying to define others. I now have some masking tape plastered all over the controller so I know what’s what now!

It would still be nice to know if there’s any limits though.