Maybe A Dumb Question...

but do you think renoise is good enough for making goa-trance / psy-trance?

i’ve just downloaded this freeware midi-sync patturn-gate (mgaudio?) and i use it with pads and it makes that goa sound you get so i think answer is yes but is renoise’s workflow a bit too much detail for tracks that need to be about 8 minutes long?

Why you would want to make Psy-trance in the first place is whats puzzling me. :P


Renoise is great for making psy-trance, simply because it’s easy to add detail to the songs, and the automation is a breeze. I know you use alot of filter sweeps and variation in psy trance.

For what psytrance CAN sound like in Renoise if you know what buttons to push, I recommend you check out DJNicks song on the Songs page.

Tribute to Amiga.

I think Renoise’s actually better for psytrance than other sequencers. You need to make a lot of 16th note riffs and use a lot of automation. Both things Renoise excels in. For gating you wouldn’t even need a plugin since you can use the cxx pattern command to control the volume of a track.