MaYbe Command Group

Not much thought in this suggestion.

I haven’t fully tested the current mute group feature,
but I imagine that I would select the MaYbe command group in the Sample Properties section.

I suppose if in mutually exclusive mode, I’d only need to place the 0Yxx command only once and not link it to several tracks or phrases.

I’m thinking that the Maybe command groups applies only to note columns and not the effect columns.

It sounds like using the overlap (round robin) feature in the layer zone suits much more for that, than the maYbe command…
Simply fully layer all the samples in the same mute group in the same layer as well

I think that’s the right answer.
“MaYbe Command Group” does sound awesome, though. Like some covert Japanese special operations unit

I think maybe this suggestion is more for expanding the mutually exclusive mode,
since non-MEM can be freely programmed anywhere, tracks or phrases.

MEM is currently track or phrase dependent, also, the notes must be lined up.

I have to try the round robin approach and see if its equally matched.

And then a few more rounds of thought experiments and workflow scenarios…
should this extend to plugins, or should I have to render to sample
in order for the option to become available ?

The MaYbe command group would basically be a mutually exclusive mode where…

  1. its not track or phrase dependent
  2. 0Yxx is no longer needed for mutually exclusive mode