Maybe command

Just curious: Is there a way to perhaps have the maybe command apply to a group of notes? Like a snare rush?

You can use the Y command in both vol/pan column as in the effect column.
The effect column should apply these to all notes on the same line of the track, but not when the command is set in a Group track.
If you really want a surprise effect on a snare-roll for multiple snare triggers on the same row, you would need to use the vol/pan column for each note and set a probability on note-level. (this works pretty fine btw )

Well, I essentially answered my own question last night: Put the snare rush in a phrase and use the Y command to trigger that.

Nonetheless, it would be cool if the behaviour was something like:

0Y40 # Existing "maybe" behavior  
0Y40 #--  
0Y00 # |  
0Y00 # |---Group of notes with first Y's percent chance of triggering.  
0Y00 # |  
0Y00 #--  

Currently both figures at the end are 100% interpreted. It would be more in line with the rest of the commands to interpret 00 as “last set” value.

Yeah. I’m just spouting off ideas as they come. Found a solution to my problem anyways :P