Maybe Not A Bug,but Quite Annoying

this have been bugging me for some time,not sure it is a bug,but anytime you open say a vsti(to make adjustments)

then before renoise will start playing again,you have to click somewhere on renoises gui

that can be quite annoying sometimes

also when u play live form rns…dat really piss

Thats what “enable Keyboard” checkbox on the bottom of the VSTs windows is for. Doesn’t this work for you?

You either have the “Enable keyboard” box checked on the lower left of the VST window, or the plugin ist stealing the focus. This is annoying behaviour in some plugins, like Dimension Pro. In Wusikstation an option was integrated on my request, which switches the focus back after loading a preset. As far as i know there is nothing a program can do, to steal the focus back, as there is no way to determine, when the plugin is actually ready/not needing anymore the focus.

dont know what you mean?

i dont have enable keyborad checked(i never have)

i think they are stealing the focus

In my humble opinion I really like how renoise acts this way …No matter which vst i I load I can always use my comp.keyboard to bang away …
Some plugins like zebra 2 loaded in fl studio steal focus = you can’t use the keyboard to play …