Mazda 6

Hi. Can you suggest me anything? I want to buy it.
I’d like to talk to someone who ownes Mazda 6.

I am driving such a baby :)

It sucks because the electronics are weird (cooling is not working) but at least it looks good :)

I know many people who have mazda 6, my brother had previously mazda 626. i would say they are quite reliable cars (as many other japan cars) My brother didnt have any problems (except some really minor issues) with it for 4 years that he owned it.

i wouldnt recommend french cars though… Even german cars are known to cause trouble these days. So if you want a reliable car i would recommend some japan car, yes, like mazda, toyota, honda, lexus etc

EDIT: and by the way. you can check reviews on many different cars on this site:

I have a 1994 626 and my mother has a 1999 model. used to own a 1989 model but it got stolen :confused:
All reliable as all buggery, always starts first go on cold mornings with 280,000km on the clock and original engine. What can I say, the 626 is the predecessor to the 6…I cant see why they’d go and spoil a good run now :)

my little baby:

well Marc Shake stated in an other post that his exhaust pipe fell off :)
so I don’t know of the mazda 6.
Get yourself an Opel Corsa :)
I’m driving one, Ugly as hell, but haven’t got a problem with it since 1998 except for replacement batterie and that kind of stuff

Dude, you know how much gear you can get for the money you spend on a car? Especially over time.

Bus pass, warm clothes and a modular, man. It’s what’s on. :guitar:

Har har - just keep on :) I like my car anyways :)

I think this is the only forum where not-working spambots generate such long threads :)

what can I say, we like to see new faces around here ;)