Mc-303 Is Dead

Hey hi)
does anyone use the Mc-303 groovebox in renoise?

if no. understandable

if yes. can you assign the programs to separate midi channels?


I never owned a MC-303 but I don’t think it’s really good. so yeah… it’s dead.

I just use 303 emulators. Don’t own the real deal.

OK i have figured out that maybe i have to look closer at the c2 command for controlling the programs hmmm…
i will RTFM.


I owned a MC-303, Terrible but yet appealing device.
As I remember every ‘part’ has it’s own MIDI channel.
If you program different sounds on the parts and you would change the transmitting channel in Renoise, it should control another part.

here is an online manual:

i understand that C2 4001 in hex = C2 (bank)64(program)01 in binary.

the thing is that i can write the program but not the bank…?

i really hope this make sense

in the mc-303 manual that Dr. Drips has linked there is a list on Page.85

I had an MC-505, for a while i had alot of fun with it, ultimately i sold it and i don’t miss it.

My old electronica band Kloss had a MC303 which can be heard on the songs. It really!!! was a nightmare to program and I honestly don’t understand why one would want to use it with Renoise when Renoise can do the same job much faster, better and easier in all kinds of ways. I also don’t think the MC303 had any “blast-me-through-the-wall-sounds” either.