Mda Jx10

When I load mda JX10 everything runs fine. But in a particular XRNS when I started automating the plugin it started acting weird. There is a TAL Reverb 2, TAL Dub 3 and a native Compressor as well on the chain.
The plugin randomly stops making sound at times, and when I delete the DSP Chain and press play loud blips come out of it. It can even fuck up the Track Scope its in.

Plugin problem or Renoise problem? Not sure the creator would reply a mail since the haven’t been updated since 2000 (I think).

Some of the MDA plugs definitely behave strangely at times. I remember that an old version of JX10 has exploded on me before, as well as the Vocoder effect and some others. As it says at the top of the page you linked to, all of the MDA plugins are now open source and have been maintained by other people for quite some time now. You can find the latest versions here on sourceforge. If you’re still using some version from 2000 then it would definitely be a good idea to start with a newer build to see if that helps.

Yeah I was using the versions straight from the website. Thanks.
I will post if the problem I described happens again with this version. :)

(seems they renamed all of them, the older ones had a space in between mda and the title.)