Mda Vocinput

i’ve been messing around with the mdavocinput and the mdatalkbox
in a send channel. and from what i figure it’s only possible to control the pitch by
dragging the slider and put them into the track with right clicking?

So the question is: is there any way to control/play it with my
midi controller keyboard?

i post this here, since the vst/aliasing is 2.0 related.

and another thing: is there any other talkbox vst’s out there that can produce
as clear sounding result as this one?

i’ve tried a heap of vocoders and stuff, but i can’t quite get myself to like the results.

Well by dragging right key you can record pattern commands. But I think it doesn’t eat midi. Although the plugin is opensource, go hack it to support midi. ;)

stating what i already know here ;)

and prgramming is, well let’s say it like this. is not a skill i
ever had the pleassure of containing ;D

It’s not a problem to do the draging of integers onto the
track, though it would just be supercool to play some funky
jams on the midi-keyboard.

boogie down.

I have never figured out the purpose of the MDA voc input, but if you can explain it to me, I just might implement MIDI control for you. ;)

to late at night to try to describe anything.
made a small tune that demonstrates how i set it up, and
how it works.