Me With The Hex Again...

God I feel so stupid now that I see how easy hex is to understand now…

But I’m just wondering, for those of you who have been tracking for a long time, what methods do you use to work with hex fast? Do you just pretty much know that you are looking for a value (say with a command) between 0-255 and convert to hex from there? Or is it that you have been fooling with it for so long that you pretty much just remember 16 base values and kinda have a mental hex table in your head?

I’m quite used to basic hex algebra now, so I use a combination of calculation and “mental table”.

When there is no easy way to perform the operation, I mentally convert from hex to dec (quite easy: multiply the first digit by 16 and add the second digit), perform the operation and reconvert.

Digital calculations is something humankind have done from the moment they started calculating.

Most people are not aware that they do it.

There are very humorous images (even pasted on t-shirts) to get your interest in binary counting:

The binary counting is why hexadecimal works better than the decimal system because it’s easier to devide bits in groups of four or for some in three (octal system)
You count up to 32 on one hand and to 1024 if you use both hands (and up to 1Mb if you also use your toes)