MED 2 XM - not perfect but a good solution

for your info … i found a little tool that converts old (& new) MMD3-files really ok!

the only problem is … this tool is written for the AMIGA … but it run’s with WinUAE …

the tool is named MED2XM and it’s a simple CLI tool

it converts the notes and song-structure & differnt patternlength 1:1

except the limitations:

It can’t convert a module that has

  • more than 32 channels (this is the XM limit)
  • patterns that have more than 128 lines (same reason)
  • instruments with hold or decay
  • synthetic or hybrid instruments
  • MIDI instruments
  • multiple songs
  • too many simultaneous commands (it tries to use the FT2 volume column
    whenever possible)


hm … it’s not a perfect solution … (the 128 lines-limit sucks) … but better than nothing or the MODplug tracker

must correct something … after a few tests … MED2XM converts pattern longer than 128 lines … and Renoise loads this XM correct!!!

but it seems that there is renoise bug … 256 line produces an error … (only 1 line is visible in Renoise!!!)

thanks for the tip, but unfortunately all my old MED-modules have MIDI-instruments and decay ;) so I guess this wont work for all of my old med-songs… hehe… ;)

ok twilik … i never used banks/presets > only midi-channel / volume … so it’s simple for me to re-edit the instr. settings … but decay & note-offs - not so good ;) i know

as I already said: not perfect … ;)

I’ll check it out and see how good results I can get

I think it’s funny that some people’s signatures are bigger than their posts! :P

Unfortunately the limit in renoise as of now is ff = 255 lines…

I think it’s pretty amusing that his post is lower than yours, even though he has a huge signature :P

Okay this was far out … sorry for spamming, i just had too. hehe

i know, i know … ff > starting with 0 = 256 (start counting with 1) … but it seems that’s a bug in xm-loading in Renoise ?? … i know the xm-limit is normaly 128 … but … don’t know … any coder interessted in a test xm-file with a pattern-length of FF???

cheers …

just one hint for med2xm users:

transpose all your midi-instruments within octamed some octaves down. med2xm seems to mess up with octaves above 8. sometimes they get cliped.

Either you did a typo (then ignore this post) or you didn’t read my post good enough.
The renoise limit is 255, not 256.

stupid? perhaps. I guess it was made that way because of gui space… but taktik has signaled that longer patterns will be possible later. perhaps even remove the length limit altogether.

:unsure: ;) :D

Yes, this is of course fixed and was simply stupid. The current internal builds has a patternlines limit of 512. (Yes 512 and not 511 : ).