Med Soundstudio V2 Released

I don’t understand?

We don’t need this!!!


feels like advertising volkswagen in a maybach forum.

I didn’t expect to see an update so shortly! ;)

well designed website :panic:

its good to see someone keeping it real and making 90s throwback websites. quite a trend setter, like how la 80searly 90s rap is coming back.

No update for Amiga platform :(


I liked OctaMed on the amiga decades ago… But now? Renoise FTW :)

but seriously, is med still relevant?

there is a difference, 80s/early90s rap was actually worthy.

seriously, this website is painfully obsolete. i wonder why the hosting firm hadn’t got closed for it yet.

I doubt that for some reason.

I guess by attempting to lure users away from his mailinglist i scared him enough to speed up development :P
I accidentally responded on a message with a request for ASIO and VST support on MED by saying he could try Renoise as it had that already implemented, not being aware it was the personal MED mailinglist i responded to :unsure:
The developer got a bit pissed off by that message…
Guess some folks need a serious buttkick before they get going :D

can’t find any screenshot of the bloody program on that hideous site :slight_smile: , can’t be bothered to dl a 30 day trial, thank you.

What a heck, I created a more pleasing website on my first attempt in Netscape Composer :D

(nevermind, just read the quotes below)

VSnares used MED for ages… it should be legit.

There is no malware or spyware, don’t worry. And for the record, the one-man show is run by a person who is seriously physicly ill. As a matter of fact its his wife who sometimes has responded to emails as Ray has been unable to.

Well, that just made me feel sick all over. Can’t believe my rant back there… Thanks for the response, I’ll stop being an asshole now. :unsure:

Anyway, when all comes to all, I won’t spend time learning the soft in 30 days when I have Renoise, I really don’t see what other trackers can do for me at this point, there are no features I miss in Renoise that I see in this tracker, but old MED-users should be happy I guess. I read somewhere along the download process that MED has a high learning curve as well, quite proven by the rather lenghty download/install-process (by today’s standards anyway), so you lost me there.

Heh I didnt want to mean it like that way. Just wanted to tell the situation… the site IS horrible… just wanted to tell whats going on in case someone did not know.

I could tell by your post that you didn’t, no worries. I just had a little wake-up call about trolling, is all. There are good and bad ways of telling people their sites need restructuring, and I chose the flaming way. :)

Guess all there is to say is, well, less is more? I’d prefer a simple text based site to be honest.