Thanks for listening. :)

Interesting sounds! Unfotunately the recording is too quiet, and there are missing the highs.

Really sounds interesting… but the missing upper frequencies hide too much of your track! :huh:

thanks for the feedback!

i’m traveling and doing most of this with a pair of IEMs so it’s hard to get a decent read on the mix.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for mentioning the highs thing to me. I went back through and tried to do another pass at the mixdown.

It’s at the same link, if you get a chance to listen to it again, please let me know if you think it’s any better.


Not a bad pass at a sort of electrofunk style with a cool groove underneath it.

I came to it late in the conversation, so I didn’t hear anything about the mastering which bothered me. What occurred to me was that there didn’t seem to be a lot of thematic development in it, but that’s probably just my classical training nagging at me from inside the closet where I stuffed it after that party in '94.