[melodic Dubsteppish Tune] For Remix Compo


found about the compo 2 days ago ( http://rekkerd.org/sample-remix-contest-wi…all-all-bundle/ ) , and kind of rushed this… You were only allowed to use/mangle the samples out of the given sample pack. Will do a version with my own shit in it + do some other stuff, as right now it is a repetition of the same theme throughout.

Still, I kinda like it :slight_smile:



  • saves to fav playlist *


More people heard this one?

…heard it, liked it and would love to see the .rns. Can i? Pleeeaaasse? :D



…fuk :blink: :D explain one thing though: what’s a ‘natkutjemodule’? :lol:

checks old tune -> idm melodic glitch track with juvenile title, still pretty tasty if I may say so myself :wink:


i love this…

maybe one more addon (even huger strings sextion) to top it off at the end would blow my mind…


cheers Mlon! Yeah some extra epicness wouldn’t hurt.

I just got news I’ve won the compo though, :slight_smile: which means the whole ohmforce plugin pack (920$) will be mine soon. Can’t believe I actually won something through the internets.

well deserved and already long overdued. Congratulations! :D

well done.


believe it! :)

btw, will you ‘finish’ the song?