Melodic electronic dance from a returning member

Hello there.

Its been a long while since i visited this forum. Years ,propably.

Last time i was here ,my nickname was Denetaar.

That has now changed to SteenRNS.

Some backstory.

I started out making songs in fasttracker 2 when i was about 14-15 years old. Inspired by 90s dance and trance ,i tried my

best to capture their feel and atmosphere. Sound quality wasn`t even on my mind back then.

Today im 27 years old and still trying to find my own style.

I have been a Renoiser since the beginning ,and still am.

Going to post some of my new tracks ,so you guys can take a listen.

They are all made using Renoise.

Neon Nights


Like a fire

These are all dance releated songs. I do have some that are more relaxed if that`s what floats your boat.

There you have it. Opinions are welcome.

If you like these three make sure you check out the rest. :walkman: