Melodic Rock

This one is a melodic rock song with some progressive riffin in the beginning. I played the guitars and performed vocals. VSTs (EastWest, Spectrasonics, Addictive Drums) are used for other tracks. Composed with Renoise of course.

I think my overal mixing skills are getting better. I pretty much hear all the instruments and no boomy sounds. But my ears are not very good in mixing, so I’d like to hear what you think?

Although I realize this is not a very loud track. I could have probably pushed my FabFilter limiter more. Or do you have any good tips how to make this louder? Or do I need to make it louder?

And I am not very good with vocals still. If there are vocalists around, any tips are very much appreciated!

Overall I think it sounds pretty good. The levels are nicely balance and as you say all the instruments are clearly audible. My only criticism would be the lead guitar sound which to my ears is overly scooped / nasal for the register it’s playing in.

This is typical of digital modelling tones (which I assume you are using) whether it be a pod-style preamp or software like guitar-rig/amplitube which sound big and chunky on their own but often need tweaking to sit right in a full song arrangment, so I would suggest dialling in some more mid range to the guitar tone to sweeten up the lead and make it sing.

Yes, I am using POD HD500, that generally has pretty good cabinet modelling. But you could be right about that sound, I will try to tweak this when making the second mix.

Also, I’ve noticed that the vocals is probably little buried. Should probably try to mix it in front.