Memory Usage Indicator

Sorry if it was proposed already, but… As a big fan :) of sample-based VSTi’s I often come across the situation of almost running out of memory. And the only thing that inform me about this situation is (you don’t believe! :) ) - yep! - total Renoise hang!!! Damn, it’s unfair… No crash backup, no save… Nothing…
So I think it’d be way helpfull to be aware of any upcoming memory related snafu.
Thanks a lot in advance.

We have tested running out of memory quite a lot in the last 1.8RC versions.
What version of Renoise do you use?
And what plugins did you use when this happen?

Anything more specific information could be helpful here.

Renoise just hang every time you run out of memory?
Or just occasionally?

Renoise 1.8.0 RC3

EastWest Viper
Cakewalk Dimension
+bunch of “selection-rendered” samples

XRNS size: ~25 Mb
Renoise memory consumption at the moment: 794 Mb
my system overview: Athlon X2 4200, 1024 Mb DDR2 PC5600, WinXP SP2

Once it has just shut down… no message, no hang, just silent close-down.
Mainly it stops responding.

You mean Vapor ?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Vapor.
All samplebased vsti’s using kompakt as a sampler (like Vapor) will work much better if you upgrade them to latest version. The memory warning system is much better and will hopefully warn you before Renoise crash.