Meowflakes - Light

I made a retro style synth album and this is one of the tunes featured on it, for this track i used some polysynths and the 707 drum kit. I was trying to use my actual tb-3 with this but it wasn’t recording properly so i just used the vst P8 which had a cool 303 sound and i think it works pretty good. I wanted to make it sound retro like late 80’s early 90’s kind of stuff but throw in some techno elements and give the 707 a workout.

I also made cassettes for this and sold out, i am quite proud of myself, this will be the 6th self release from me, enjoy!

Nice track. I like that it ‘wrongbeats’ me (I loose track of the 1-2-3-4 in the breakdown) and I like the way it builds. Also, the hats sound real nice.