Meowflakes - 待つ「w a i t」

Hi again, i was working hard yesterday on this. A Techno track for all you techno lovers. I used the 909 kit that comes with renoise, but since it’s not the full kit i had to download a 909 sample pack. Someone should make a full kit insturment. I guess it’s kind of a dark sound according to my friend but that’s ok because i like the dark sounding stuff. One of my influences on this track has to be Dense & Pika, if you haven’t herd of them check out their boiler room set on youtube!

After i finished this track i noticed that i didn’t use any 3rd party vst’s. i used all native plug ins. They are actually super great and makes me love Renoise that much more.
oh yeah on a side note, i am coming out with a mixtape sometime this year, and i have a few guest spots and i want to collab with someone. so get at me if interested