"merge" Patterns In Sequencer

Hi everyone, just signed up last night and having got Renoise a few days ago and I am in love already! I used cakewalk sonar beforehand, which costs a packet more, and this mops the floor with it!

Anyway, One thing that crossed my mind:
Say I have written a song, but there are no drums, and I want to place the same pattern on a lot of the tracks… so… copy and paste? That’s fair enough, but what if I have hundreds of tracks (yeah i know, lazyness speaks!)

Maybe I’m being daft and there is already an easy way of doing this, but I thought it through and came up with this…
So I make a new blank pattern, and place my drums on there. I then scroll down the pattern sequencer, and select every pattern on which I want my drums to appear. Then I return to the new pattern i made, right click on it, and in my head I’m visualising something that says “Insert current pattern within selected patterns” or something like that, and you’re done!

I think there might have to be some sort of setting to adjust to decide what happens if you are merging to a pattern where there are already notes where the new pattern is supposedly going to end up (eg. Overwrite overlapping notes, Overwrite entire column, Keep original notes (think about this last one, could be really powerful).

Of course you could build up drum patterns and such quite nicely. Say I have 32 patterns (which are all unique), I can put a bass drum pattern on 1, 5, 9, 13…, and a different bass drum pattern on all the others, then i can alternate a couple of snare patterns on the next track along, perhaps a cymbol on 8, 16, 24, 32… You get the idea.

I’m guessing this has already been suggested probably, but let me know what you think. And if there is actually a decent way to do this in Renoise already, I would be very happy to hear it :)


open Advanced Edit

check “Mix-Paste”

now everything you paste will be mixed with already present notes. this should help you

Thanks, but that’s not what i meant. That way is not really any different to what i was doing before. I still have to select what I want to copy (this is what i find most tedious), and then go to each pattern, get the cursor at the start, and paste for every one. This does look useful however, so thank you for showing me, but it’s nothing like what i had in mind.

Ahh sorry bantai, didn’t see you post there. Don’t really see that one as being similar either.

Thank you, I will have a look at the arranger discussion, but the concept of one kind of scares me (lol) because it makes me think that renoise is going to end up like buzz. I like the linear fashion of renoise because it makes things a bit simpler - you can see where everything is at once. Just some way of overlapping patterns would be nice but i will have a look anyway