Merge two xrns on debian

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is it possible to merge to xrns beetween us ?


thank’s in advance for yours answers

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between them

(lilith) #3

I don´t know, but why would you do this??? You can zip the content of both xrns files into one file and rename it to xrns. Don´t think that it will work though …


I’d be surprised if that did work :slight_smile:

Multiple Renoise instances open, cut/paste the pattern data from one to the other or be adventurous and write an external (or internal) tool that parses the xrns song.xml to ‘merge’ the pattern data/samples/vsts are a couple of (not very convenient) ideas that spring to mind.

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That’s what i’m saying …

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ok thanks

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idon’t use vst just sample of myself

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cause sometimes a make a short xrns that i want two incorporate on an other