Merging Renoise Songs?


New here but been using renoise now for a couple of years.

I have a few tracks that i would like to mix together. They are all the same bpm and built in renoise.

What I am wanting to do is load two or more renoise songs simultaneously and create a couple of additional patterns using samples from both songs as a transition to mix them together.

Obviously I can just create lots of different songs/patterns render them and edit them together in sound forge, but that’s not quite what I’m after.

Is there a easy way to accomplish this?

Sorry if this is an obvious question.


There is no build in easy way to do this, but as all the clipboard contents in Renoise are shared (no matter if you copy instruments, patterns, DSP devices or whatever), you can merge your songs by opening 2 Renoises, then copy and paste inbetween them.

If you are on a Mac, duplicate the in the Finder first, then start the original and the duplicated app bundle. OSX else wont let you open two instances of the same program…

Thanks for the reply. :)