Merry X-mas (to Me)

  1. Want the intrument properties to work on vst to … why know use the built-in intrumentfeatures that are used for samples for VSTi aswell
    I mean can you pan the signal a sample then u should be able to do the same with VST signal … the filter ENV and amp ENV could also be used …
    But since pitch only modulates samplepitch for now that could be left out … until realtime is included, but as stated ALL other stuff could be used to enhance ALL VSTs aswell. In I don´t think it whould require more cpu than handly instrument the ordinary fashion.

  2. Automation still isn´t what it could be … ok i havn´t seen 1.5 yet but still
    Having an ENV for automation is good (for some people, sorry) but i need control. yes total control. I want it to be much like in other VST host . I have really thought of it since this is a tracker but maybe each VST could have a own datasheet or pattern or something that keeps track of stuff.
    See I want to tweak and then be able to edit the whole thing.

  3. This last thing I can think now isn´t really nececary, but it whould be REALLY sweet to see it. Say for example i got a pattern running with all my temporary stuff , muting one channel unmuting drums blahblah…
    Here goes : a function that whould generate long pattern perhaps or maybe just the lenght of the pattern being played … recording everything u do . more or less like have two sequencer running simultanusly , one as usally and the other recording the first. Sounds too wild ? well i think not…

My appologies if this has been coverd already . (I searched but not intensly)

  1. We can’t process single VSTi notes. So it’s not possible
    without applying these things to the whole VSTi output.

  2. So what’s wrong with trackercommands? Which other
    VST host are you talking about exactly?

  3. Do you mean something like automatically cloning the
    current pattern when the player reaches the end of it?

  1. Ok sounds logical . whould been cool though…

  2. I talkning about cubase . i like how it keeps track of wich knob u move (i don´t know how this works exactly but it does) and then give it a own track . perhaps there could be a special subtrack to the track as soon as renoise recognizes that its a vst instrument. Actually the ENV is ok but i feel i limits the “live” feeling … Also u could take a look at AXS ( …

  3. Actually (sorry for putting this in “my” terms but hey…) Think two computers running sequencers on midi (with temposync). One that whould continusly run a loop (NOT audio) on 4 bars. When i hit start both computers start their sequencers simultanusly. the first one looping a 4 bar loop, the other one NOT looping but just recording the output of the first sequncer. This means that everything i whould do on computer 1 whould be recorded on computer 2 , as notes a controller data. just the way i was jamming with it. Then i whould just have have to “turn” to comuter 2 and check my recording, edit it and whatever.
    I have done this with two Atari 1024 st … I think it whould require some effort to do it but i think its very doable, but i whould require two sequncers withing renoise. But i whould really make it a “fasttracker” , right a REALLY fast tracker. see my point ?

And thanks for answering on such a short notice, really.

yours /Aeon

P.S. my spelling is bad so bare with me :)

I´m not quite sure i follow u m8. :huh:
Could u care to explain it a little closer to me :unsure:

You can have MIDI-data recorded in real-time in a track. What do you mean?

I mean a subtrack that records the activity on VST knobs much the way cubase and reason keeps track of what u move during record.

That’s what I’m saying; you can already record knob-tweaks. Just connect your MIDI-device to your computer and tweak away. The tweaks will end up in the leftmost effect column in the current track. You can always create a new track if you want the tweaks elsewhere.

Or enable recording to envelopes. In Renoise, the envelopes
are much like subtracks for each parameter.