Merry Xm-as

To avoid spamming emails, I post my X-Mas greetings here. I wish you all the best next year and at least a 5-Album-Record-Deal for everyone of you :) Do not get too drunk on new-years-evening ;)


MArry Christmas to everyone then!

Oh, and a happy new year too.

Big season’s Greetings from the crew down in Australia. All you people up there on the top of the globe enjoy your snow and trees, while down here it’s hot as f**** and the beer just doesn’t touch the sides!

Anyone for RNS carols?

merry x-mas to everyone at renoise community! :) B)

Wish you the best guys!!! :yeah:

Merry x-mas and best wishes from the Netherlands

f**** x-mas. It sucks. I hope you all had a horrible day.

f**** it, suckers, f**** it.

All right then… Best whishes to everybody even if it is not most wonderfull time of the year for some…

not really :)

I’m tracking, as every Christmas night since 5 years ago.

Christmas alone is one of the best night for tracking :)

Yeh guys, while I was a quiet one on the forum, I always read and enjoyed the forum. The mighty maybe guru IT-Alien, Rick hoekman who did a nice job maintaining for dutch users, Robert the irritating guy that every forum needs (he’s quiet lately), dufey bringing shaper!, Bantai helping out often… I hope 2005 will have a nice start with 1.5
and not only the start, but since my band is named revealing 5 2005 must be the breaktrough year and I hope you guys also will find your luck in the year that is about to be born… now the Absinth is grabbing me, I’m gonna lay down…cheers@

Ah, and I had a nice evening with 8 family members… Should have been 12, but the rest are too far away atm. :)

If I spent christmas alone I’d be online with christmas food and neato tv-shows NOT about family values!!! I’m so damnd sick of thos shows, always rubbing in what christmas is SUPPOSED to be about. Some are nice, but others are too… American.

merry christmas everyone and a happy 2005!


Damn, I missed Jiskefet!

Missed Jiskefet?..

Happy holidays, Ho Ho Ho!..

vincent, the link doesn’t work :unsure: