Merry Xmas!

Like a whingeing shitbag, I moaned when the developers wisely dropped crap O/S support. I ran away, licked my mental wounds and did lots of overtime. I saved up for ages, got an all singing and dancing quad core/turbo fast Pc and finally, yesterday, tried out Renoise 1.9.

Now a happy puppy!! this is the mutt’s nut’s. This prog was a revolution when I tried it 4 years ago, now it’s Jesus in music software form. I retire to bed, drunk on champage and some of the best 2 tune’s I’ve written in 1 night.

God rest ye merry Gentlemen, have a good one!

Can you detach the mixer and view under the pattern sequencer?

Apologies for the above psot, if it was in the wrong palce, I was drunk and listening to old Cd’s by the Shamen.

Noe Detach. That’s part of our anti-cubase approach.